Looking for a simple solution to self-care?

You've come to the right place.

It's time to transform your relationship to self-care.

When self-care isn't working, it sucks.

✘ You find yourself pouring from the proverbially 'empty cup'. Pretty soon, you're on the fast track to total burn out, which is a terrible place to be (and a terrible place to parent from).

✘ You actually start to feel guilty for not doing a better job of taking care of yourself. You start to feel even crappier than you already did, and then begin to avoid the thought of self-care at all.

✘ Your needs get bumped down the to-do list, until your self-care is your lowest priority. Before you know it, you've become totally used to just *existing* and you never give yourself permission to just take care of you

Time to bust out of survival mode.

✔ Finally 'get' what self-care is really all about. You'll understand what self-care actually is, why it feels so hard to do, and what it looks like for you.

✔ Have a solid self-care strategy in place that will work, even on your worst days. Get a handle on what your needs are, recognize when you're not meeting them, and have a simple plan in place to fix that.

✔ Actually make it all happen. Take small, simple steps that will help you build sustainable self-care habits, learn how to ask for the support you need, and get beyond the barriers that are always getting in the way of your self-care.